Digital cases, make your business easy with us!

Save on the environment as well as imprinted materials and also a lot of time

We accept intraoral scan files to produce the prosthetic. Just send your files and instructions to us

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No-prep veneers are 0.2mm thin scale facades used for aesthetic reasons where you only need to take impressions of .the patient without having to reduce the teeth


We work with most of the implant surface issues available in the market to offer the best solution for your patients. You get a 4-year warranty on all fixed prosthetics and a 1-year warranty on all removable prosthetics!


Some patients may experience uncertainty with dentures whose metal is visible. But with a flexible party, your patients get a durable metal-free construction that is not visible. We can also make skeletal party dentures with flexible clamps for those who want it.


The advantage of flexible part is that it is thin and flexible and does not become as thick as acrylic. Which makes it more convenient for patients to use.


Vår helprotes har tänder med den hållbarhet som krävs. Färgskalor vi använder är Vita Lumin.


Clear Aligner has been specially developed to treat adults and makes it possible to control teeth with only plastic rails. The method is suitable for those who need to make minor adjustments of narrow, sparse or oblique teeth.

Zirconium crowns

Zirkonium bro

Full Zirconium core


Emax Facades

E-max Inlay

E-max Kronor